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Let's Craft Your ADV7

Fill in your contact info and, more importantly, your ideas about how you would craft your ADV7. Please be creative here, there are no rules or boundaries (except for physics)!

The Process

Preliminary Kawartha Craft Experience

Sculpted Around You

We will connect you with a Kawartha Craft Experience Team, consisting of a designer and an engineer. A preliminary meeting is scheduled with two desired outcomes:

  • Get to know you – your interests, your passions, your motivations, and your boating needs;
  • Present the ADV7 general concept and philosophy.

A set of goals is established for your top level ADV7 package, including engine power range, equipment, general arrangement of deck, performance expectations, extra options.

Design Brief

After evaluating the feasibility, preliminary costing, and schedule for your ADV7, a design brief is presented to you. Your Kawartha Craft Experience Team works closely with you to refine the craft to your exact desires. Once you are satisfied, you will sign off and the design will be finalized.

Craft Engineering Feasibility
Craft Manufacturing

Engineering & Manufacturing

While the physical work on your personalized ADV7 commences, you will be regularly updated on its progress including photos. You are also welcome to visit the manufacturing space for a tour and visit with your craft as it is under manufacturing!


After balancing and tuning your craft, arrangements for its delivery to you are finalized – and you can show off your personalized craft to everyone’s awe!

ADV7 on the water

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